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18 May

Royals Hang On....Barely

Published by Sarah Davis

Good grief... I feel like in order to watch a Royals game these days I need to take a Xanax (or like 74) just to keep myself from stroking out. The 3rd and 9th innings were a disaster for KC today, but other than that, everything was spot on.

I must give credit where credit is due. James Shields is very good at baseball. Though I may not particularly like "Big Game" James Shields, he is by far the ace of our pitching staff. Shields threw 7.0 innings and yielded three runs to the Orioles offense to earn another quality start. The third inning was a bit... Rough for Shields when the Orioles used our method of 0 XBH to score three runs in the third. Shields settled down after that inning, and would pitch very well for the rest of his outing.

It was looking like another typical Royals loss.... Then Alex Gordon stepped up to the plate. With two on, Gordo stepped up and drilled a 3-run shot to right field which gave the Royals a 5-3 advantage. Again in the seventh inning, Gordon did the same thing. With two on and no outs, Gordon smashed another 3-run shot to right field, giving KC an 8-3 lead.

Here comes the part where I needed a Xanax (or like 74.) Ned Yost brought in Aaron Crow. Aaron Crow started the day with a 0.00 ERA. Aaron Crow ended the day with a 1.56 ERA. Crow got one out before he decided to put two on for Orioles Center Fielder Adam Jones. Jones has been giving the Royals fits this whole series. Jones clubbed a 3-run shot of his own to pull the O's within two. Then Yost brought Holland in and everything was fine.

The Royals always find some way to stress me out. But you know what? We won, so I guess that's all that matters. But unless your name is Alex Gordon, James Shields, Billy Butler, or Greg Holland, you guys suck.
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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.