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18 May

Royals Hang On Against Umps, O's

Published by Sarah Davis

Tonight wasn't your typical Royals game. For starters, Danny Duffy had a "Perfecto" lost with two outs in the Seventh inning. Secondly, Ned Yost was ejected after arguing with Home Plate umpire about whether Adam Jones struck out, or hit a foul ball. Aside from all of the abnormalities that you rarely see at a Royals game, the Royals offense continued to sputter.
I would just like to say, I am thoroughly amazed that the job Danny Duffy did tonight. The Young Royals lefty went Seven shutout innings, pitching a Perfect Game for 6 and 2/3 innings. I was a little shocked that Duffy was able to keep his pitch count down. In seven innings, Duffy threw 97 pitches, 65 of them strikes, but only striking out two. This was definitely a very "un-Duffy" performance tonight.
Ned Yost was thrown out with one out in the ninth inning. With two on, and one out in the ninth, Royals All-Star closer, Greg Holland, had Adam Jones down with 2 strikes. Greg Holland appeared to strike Jones out, but Home Plate umpire, Chris Segal called it a foul ball. The strikeout was so blatantly obvious that even Ned Yost was angry with it. It was a terrible, horrible call, and Ned Yost called him out on it. Segal wasn't having any of it, and about thirty seconds into his argument, Yost was tossed, and rightfully so.
Although Danny Duffy pitched a gem, the offensive production, or lack of, is not being overlooked, not by me anyway. So far in the last three games, the Kansas City offense has scored a grand total of.. TWO WHOLE RUNS. We had a total of four hits, two of which came off the bat of Nori Aoki. I, personally am sick and tired of the lack of offensive production. The amount that the Royals offense stresses me out is completely off the charts.

You have to give this game to Danny Duffy. He pitched a great game. If he continues to pitch like this, he'll find himself a permanent spot in the Royals rotation. As for the offense, every time I watch them, and I will steal a line from the great Will Ferrell "I am like a tornado of anger swirling about." There have been very few games that the Royals offense has not made me want to punch a brick wall. Oh well. With that, we move onto the next. It's going to be a long season, guys.
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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.