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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.

19 May

I Need To Vent

Published by Sarah Davis

My life is filled with countless amount of days that at some point I will mutter the words: "Can this day get any worse?" Then I watch the Royals go up to the plate and swing at a pitch way over yonder and I think, "Thank you, Royals. You have proved me wrong, yet again. This day can indeed get worse." I know this isn't professional, or like okay for bloggers to do, but at this point I don't care. Holy crap, you guys. Yesterdays game was... Freaking great. Alex Gordon is like God in baseball pants. I just hope he goes on this massive tear and hits like .800 for the rest of the season. I really hope yesterdays 8 runs wasn't a fluke because I enjoyed that. I thoroughly enjoyed that. It's like going to a pet store and getting a puppy. You're just so happy and bursting with joy and just... Happy. I really hope it happens again. Unfortunately, we suck. I really don't see how we are even going to win a single game (other than the ones featuring Shields, and the occasional Duffy) the rest of the year. Our offense is the epitome of bad offenses and it makes me want to tear out my eye balls just so I have something to throw at the television. They stress me out so much. I'm going to go prematurely grey. This team drives me completely insane. I love this team, but geez. They're like a roller coaster, and quite frankly, they're making me sick... One day they score 0, the next they score 8, then 1, then tonight they'll probably score like 9. I just don't get it. What have we, the loyal fans of Kansas City, done to deserve this? Lemme tell ya, we haven't done anything. We continue to pay money to an organization that can hardly stay over .500. I love the Royals, and I love Kansas City, and I always will. It's just frustrating. Ya feel me?

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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.