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02 Nov

Thanks for a Great Season

Published by Sarah Davis

The calendar now reads November, and as we say goodbye to an October full of memories, there are some people that I’d like to thank. This year was my first year as an actual writer, and I could have done it without any of you.

The first person I wanted to thank was Ryan Landreth. Ryan is my right hand man when it comes to writing. He’s a fantastic writing partner to have as well as a best friend. When I took a break from writing, he was the first person urging me to get back at it, and he helped me realize just how much talent I have. I’d also like to say that I’m extremely proud of the writer he has become. There is quite a difference between what he started out writing in April and his recent work in October.

The Next people I wanted to thank are all of the people at Royals Blue, especially Luke Goosen. I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but I guess Luke stumbled across some of my work, and asked me to join his crew. Ryan and I have been happily writing for them since May. So Luke, Walker, Charles, Zack, and John…. Thanks for taking me (and Ryan, I guess) under your wing for my first season.

Last Word on Sports were also huge for me this season. As a fifteen-year old, you don’t expect for a big website like them to publish your work, but they did. Specifically, Nicolas Stellini was a big help to me. Though at times he was a bit critical, he helped me improve my writing skills from what they once were. I can’t leave out Michael Kovacs. He’s the brains of the whole operation. LWOS just recently surpassed 10,000 articles, and I am extremely happy to be a part of what they have become.

The last, but not least, site I would like to thank is KCSportsNation. Brian Graham, who also happens to be a proud Pleasant Hill alum, also found me on twitter. He, for whatever reason, read my work, and told me that I could start sending him stories that I wanted on his site. About three weeks ago he set me up an account for his site, so I guess I’m now a contributor for KCSportsNation.

All of these guys have made the 2014 baseball season a great one, and have helped me realize my passion for writing.

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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.