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14 Nov

My Take On Aaron Crow's Comments

Published by Sarah Davis

On Thursday November 13, Royals reliever Aaron Crow spent some time at a food shelter to help improve the lives of the homeless along with a few other Royals. To you guys, thank you for bettering our community. To Aaron Crow: What gives, dude?

As many of you know, Aaron Crow pitched for the Royals during the regular season, was left off of the postseason roster for guys like wonder rookie Brandon Finnegan. Aaron Crow, he of the 4.12 ERA, said this about being left off of the postseason roster:

“From my standpoint, hearing Kelvin [Herrera], Wade [Davis] and Greg [Holland] get all the attention they got, if you're competitive at all, you're going to get a little jealous of that," Crow said, referring to the celebrated back-end trio of the bullpen. I was a big part of the bullpen for most of the year. During the playoffs, you get days off so those guys could pitch every day. But during the regular season, those guys need days off and you need other guys to come in and get the job done. And I was the guy that was called on more often than not. And some of the guys that made the postseason roster weren't in the big leagues hardly at all this season, they really didn't help us get to the point where we were, so it kind of bothered me a little bit. But I pitched poorly at the end of the year, so there's nobody to blame but myself. Going into next year, I definitely want to get better and be a part of that roster next year."

Crow said some pretty outlandish things, right? Didn’t he? He’s got absolutely no right to be angry at that, and should just deal with it, and not speak his mind about anything. Right, guys? Right? No. From a personal standpoint, if I were Aaron Crow, I’d be pretty mad about being left off of that postseason roster. Brandon Finnegan wasn’t even in the big leagues until September. Tim Collins was down in the minors for a good majority of the year, yet Aaron Crow was not on that roster. I’d be willing to bet that his comment was aimed at Brandon Finnegan, but I could be wrong. From a fan standpoint, I really think Aaron Crow is an idiot. He was being selfish and immature and does not deserve to be on the roster at all next season. In the short time that he was up here, Finnegan was nails for the Royals, and clearly deserved a roster spot. From a team perspective, shouldn’t he want his team to do well no matter what role he plays? If Crow was a “team player” he would be happy to just be a part of that wonderful experience. There’s no “I” in team, Aaron.

For Crow, I think maybe he should have kept his comments to himself, or maybe censored them a little bit. He’s got every right to be mad, and I know exactly where he’s coming from. Maybe next time, he might want to tone it down. Also, if he wants to pitch well enough to actually be on that postseason roster, I’d be okay with that, too.

My Take On Aaron Crow's Comments
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