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31 Aug

Ranting on the Royals

Published by Sarah Davis

It's been a long while since I've gone on a rant because the Royals haven't really given me anything to complain about. Now they have, and I'm angry about it.

First of all, the Royals are no longer the only ones in possession of first place. Why? Offense, bullpen, or Ned Yost? Is 'all of the above' an option? I think it is. The word 'pathetic' doesn't even begin to define the Royals play the last few days. I'll start off with that extra innings loss on Sunday to the Twins. Let me paint a picture in your brain: It's the tenth inning, tie game, and one of the most important games this season. Keeping all that in mind, who is the one guy that you don't want on the mound at that moment in time? Bruce Chen, right? Guess who Yost brought in? Bruce Chen. Chen came in and promptly gave up six earned runs, and lost the game. Bruce Chen was DFA'd the next day. Yes, Wade Davis was unavailable, but I would've thrown Wade Davis anyway. He couldn't be worse than Chen was.

Last night, Ned did almost the same thing, except with Scott Downs. Yost used his usual tandem of Herrera/Davis/Holland except that Herrera pitched the tenth inning instead of the seventh. Scott Downs came into the eleventh, and gave the Indians a 3-1 lead. In an important game, it's okay to use those three guys for more than one inning to avoid using one of your worst pitchers.

Last night wouldn't have even gone to extras if we had an offense worth anything. So far in the series against the Indians, they've scored two runs. In the later innings, Ned Yost decided to pinch hit Erik Kratz and Jayson Nix instead of Josh Willingham. Fans were angry, and probably about ready to riot. Yost gets a free pass on this one: Ham's back is acting up, so I guess tonight our pinch-hit options are: Raul Ibanez, Erik Kratz, and Jayson Nix. Two of the three guys I just mentioned shouldn't even be on the roster, and you can think Dayton Moore for that.

Raul Ibanez is 843975475-years old, and hasn't had a decent season since 2011. Jayson Nix is a career .213 hitter, and can't field the ball. I blame Dayton Moore for them being on the roster, and optioning Christian Colon for Nix. I blame Yost for letting them play during important times. In case you didn't notice: Dayton can't sign decent guys, with the exception of Willingham, and Ned is muddling away a playoff birth just like he did in Milwaukee which got him fired before the season even ended.

The Royals don't care about winning. Maybe the players do, but all the front office cares about is money. With the team in first place, they're making money. As long as fans show even a resemblance of being happy, and content with the baseball team that Dayton Moore and Ned Yost continue to run out their day in and day out, they won't make any changes. Just the other day, Ned was saying that he wanted more support from the fans. Well, Ned. The reason that you don't get any fans to show up an support you is simple: You guys never win in front of large crowds. When there were 13,000 fans at the K the other day, they won. The past two days have been 30,000+. Guess what: They lost. The Royals cannot preform in front of big crowds, but nobody actually cares. When I say "Nobody cares" obviously the fans care. The front office doesn't, and I could sit here until I'm blue in the face complaining about the incompetence of the Royals organization, but nothing would change.

Okay, I'm done. I kind of feel better, but not really. Feel free to tell me that I'm wrong. I don't care.

Ranting on the Royals
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