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11 Jul

Royals Upended, Drop Game One 16-4

Published by Sarah Davis

Another one of those, "Where do I begin?" games.

I guess I'll start with pitching.

Jeremy Guthrie was very Jonathan Sancez-esque tonight. I would've said Aaron Brooks, but it was not THAT bad. Guthrie finished his night after four innings. Guthrie allowed eight earned runs, but I guess if we're going to look at positives, he only allowed one home run. In a way, that feels like we won the game, right?

The bullpen was also very, very bad tonight. I could've dealt with an 8-4 loss, or even a 9-4 or 10-4 loss. Scott Downs and Francisley Bueno allowed two earned runs apiece. Freshly recalled, Louis Coleman (and now I remember why he was in AAA to begin with) was responsible for the other four.

I will give kudos to Francisley Bueno tonight. Bueno really stepped in to help out the bullpen with his 3.0 innings of work.

Defense was also an issue.

There were two errors by the Kansas City outfield tonight. One of them was a, "Gordon could've made that for sure." type of errors committed by veteran leadership, Raul Ibanez. Jarrod Dyson committed a throwing error on what would have just been a meaningless out.

It wasn't just the errors. There were several plays (or non-plays) where I said, "I wish Ibanez wasn't in there. Gordon would've made the play."

That's just it. Our option for a backup outfielder is a 42-year old has been that hasn't been decent since 2010. This was another fantastic signing by Dayton Moore. Bravo, Dayton.

I cannot complain about the offense tonight. I can, but it wasn't a huge issue. Yes, there were several missed opportunities, but that seems to be the 'Royal Way'.

I did my very best to look for positives tonight, and even I, being the Negative Nancy that I am, found a couple.

Billy Butler ended his homerless drought at 88 at-bats. He pulled the ball into what Rex Hudler calls 'Hydration Station' to give the Royals a glimmer of hope.

Eric Hosmer also blasted a 2-run shot with Jarrod Dyson on second to pull Kansas City within 12 runs. Can you say clutch?

The offense scored four runs today, which is average for this Kansas City team. The pitching was horrendous, and I could almost not even watch.

In an important game/series like this, you would think that this team would play with a little bit of energy instead of getting blown out by 12 runs.

This is the kind of atmosphere Dayton Moore has created. An "All I care about is my job, so who cares if we win?" atmosphere will get you about as far as the Royals will ever be- 2nd place.

Royals Upended, Drop Game One 16-4
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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.