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03 Jun

Best Fans in Baseball?

Published by Sarah Davis

~"We gave Derek Jeter a standing ovation for retiring, but even though everyone else did it, we''re going to go ahead and call ourselves the best fans in baseball." -Cardinal fans, probably.

During future Hall Of Famer, Derek Jeter's farewell tour to Busch Stadium, the Cardinals fans, like every other fanbase in the MLB, gave Derek Jeter a standing ovation. This prompted the Cardinals fans to start calling themselves "The Best Fans in Baseball." Do the Cardinals really have the "Best Fans in Baseball?" Signs point to no, and for very good, obvious reasons.

Cardinals fans are very pretentious, arrogant, stuck up snobs that think they are all better than everybody else around them. Here is a typical conversation between me and a Cards fan:

"Oh. You like the _______." Says a Cardinals fan, we'll call him Bob.

"Yes, I do." I counter.

"Why would you like them? They suck. The Cardinals are so much better." Bob replies.

Sitting there irritated, and somewhat caught off guard that someone would have the decency (or lack thereof) to bash on the team that I cheer for. It happens all of the time, and I think to myself, "Oh. What a typical Cardinals fan." Here is yet another example of the Cardinals, and their "Best Fans." It comes from a tweet from Megan Waterhouse, a Cardinal fan and it says this:

"**** the Royals. ******* hard. Suck my **** *******"

As you can see here, this lovely young lady was very upset about a 6-0 loss against the Kansas City Royals. Here are more examples from the Cardinals "faithful:"

"I'm boycotting the Cardinals until we score more than 2 runs or we make a move & get rid of Craig, Adams, Jay, or Shelby. Or all of them." -Tevor McGrath

"Looks like I am not going to be watching baseball for a while. Cardinals are really bad... I need football back!" -Noah Carter

"Cardinals are losing. Glad I'm not watching the game." -Holly Earl

"I don't care if the cardinals have the best fans in baseball, I hope we boo them from now on until they start playing right." -Andrew Marler

"Let's just forfeit the games Shelby Miller pitches so all our other players can rest" -@TheMurderMac

I'm not sure about you, but these tweets don't look like something that should ever come out of the mouths of the people that call themselves the "Best Fans In Baseball." The "Best Fanbase" should be the fanbase that supports their team no matter what. Like the Kansas City Royals. The Royals have the longest postseason drought on the North American continent, but we still see "True Blues" out at the game each and everyday. The Pittsburgh Pirates are another great example. After 27 years of not reaching the postseason, their patience was rewarded for those that stuck around for he Bucs. For those that did stick around, I applaud you. Both Royals fans and Pirates fans have gone through thick and thin with their teams, and they're still going strong. What have Cardinals fans gone through? 12 division titles, 19 National League Pennants, and 11 World Series trophies. Yeah, that's tough. To call themselves the best fans in baseball simply because they stood up and clapped for a future Hall Of Famer, does not give you the right to call yourselves the best.

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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.