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03 Jun

Royals Didn't Royal, 6-0 Over Cards

Published by Sarah Davis

After two straight embarrassing losses to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Royals will come back to their home state of Missouri (although, as a Missourian I would not like to claim Saint Louis as a city in Missouri) for a four game home-and-home series against the Saint Louis Cardinals.

I'd like to start off with broadcasting. Lucky me, I had the choice between Steve Physioc butchering every single word he stumbles over, or the ESPN announcers that treat the Cardinals like it's their love-child. I opted for the third, not previously mentioned choice: Ryan O'Hara, who was doing a live youtube stream. I finally had enough of Physioc, the bumbling moron, and Aaron Boone, the Cardinal Worshipper, and settled for an unbiased sports announcer in Ryan O'Hara, who did a FANTASTIC job, might I add.

Moving onto the actual game. Danny Duffy had some serious, as the kids like to say, swag going on in this game. No news is good news. There is absolutely no news to report on the pitching ability of Danny Duffy, other than the fact that Duffy did a phenomenal job. The bullpen on the other hand... "Get it to the 'pen to win." Are the famous words of Rex Hudler, but what Hudler doesn't know is that the 'pen has to actually win the game for us.

The Royals offense was disgusting through six innings. Alex Gordon led off the top of the 7th with a solo-shot to right field. Shortly after, the Royals put two on with no outs, and you're not going to believe this, but Mike Moustakas had a 2-RBI double. Promptly after that, Alcides Escobar fouls out to left field. Suddenly, what could be a big inning, is only a 3-run inning for the Royals, but for the Royals, I guess that's as big as they get. The Royals put the Cards on the ropes again in the 8th as they put 2 on with no outs. Man, I sure did enjoy this outburst of offense from KC. It was almost like Christmas for me.

This game was not "royaled" away in the least bit. Everything was on point tonight. I mean everything. Offense, defense, pitching. Everything. Good to see the Royals back in the 'W' column. My partner, Ryan will have recap the rest of the week due to my family.... visiting. PS-RYAN BETTER WEAR HIS SHIRT TOMORROW.

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Your home for Royals recap,, rants, news, and fantastic stories about our beloved Boys in Blue.